Marquee Hire For Weddings, Corporate Events & Private Parties


Q: How much does a marquee cost and what does the cost include?

A: This depends on the size and the degree of furnishings required. Once we receive an enquiry from you, we will get in touch to discuss exactly what your marquee requirements are. From that we can then put together a custom quotation for you. All our quotations are itemised, therefore you can clearly see the value of each item(s) included within the cost. You may then wish to add or remove particular items from the initial quote.

Q: How many people can you fit in a marquee?

A: The simple answer is, as many as you like. We would erect a structure large enough to cater for your number requirements. All our marquees are modular, therefore we can make a marquee as big or small as required.

Q: How long is the marquee hire period?

A: The length of time the marquee will be hired really depends on the customer’s requirements. We would agree a timeframe during the quotation stage. For a Wedding that is typically on a Saturday, we aim to have the marquee finished by the Thursday night, allowing you a whole day to layup the tables and apply your own personal decorations. We would then look to take the marquee down on the Monday unless agreed otherwise.

Q: Is Insurance included?

A: Public Liability cover of DJ Marquees Ltd is included however it is the customer’s responsibility to look after and insure the hired equipment. Please visit our specific Insurance page for more information.

Q: Can we make last minute adjustments to our marquee order?

A: We appreciate that guest numbers will fluctuate between the time of booking with us and the actual date of the event. What we say is that its best to book in all the items you require for your function at the time of booking us; such as tables, chairs, dancefloors etc. Then of course you can add or decrease the number of items accordingly.

Q: What areas do you cover?

A: We cover Northamptonshire, Milton Keynes, Bedfordshire, Oxfordshire & Warwickshire.

Q: How and when do I pay?

A: A 10% non-refundable booking deposit is required to secure the availability of the marquee, the rest of the payment is to be paid 14 days prior to the function.

Q: Do all of the sides of the marquees open?

A: It is possible to have as many sides or windows open as you like. All blank sides simply lace up down the middle as well as our Georgian style windows. Our other form of windows (max clear) have a lace at either side of the window. French Doors are also available if preferred.

Q: What if we are expecting cold weather?

A: We have thermostatically controlled heaters. These work just the same as household thermostats. You simply set the thermostat to the temperature that you desire and it will simply trigger on and off according to the temperature within the marquee.

Q: Are marquees suitable for winter events?

A: The simple answer is yes. We erect marquees all year round. You may wish to make certain precautions when having a winter marquee, such as having a boarded floor underneath the carpet for reassurance. Also as mentioned above, we can install thermostatically controlled heaters and french doors.

Q: What if the ground isn’t completely flat? Is that a problem?

A: No this isn’t a problem from a marquee structural perspective. The marquee will simply run with the gradient of the ground. We cannot level the ground or raise/lower the height of the marquees.

Q: How many people can you sit round your tables?

A: We have different size tables to cater for different guests numbers. We deliver the right size tables to cater for your table plan. On our round tables you can seat between 4-12 persons. Our trestle tables seat 6.

Q: Can you provide power?

A: We not only provide a generator if required, but also supply and install all the necessary cabling to power your whole function. We typically run power points round to the catering area, bar area and behind the dance floor. However can also run additional power points to any other areas within the marquee.

Q: Can you provide toilets?

A: We can either supply the “posh” trailer sets of toilets or the simple plastic portaloos. All toilets are self sufficient. By this we mean neither require a water source or drainage. All this is self contained within the units. The trailer sets will however require power for their lighting and pumps.

Q: Will a marquee damage our grass?

A: If carpet is laid on grass for several days then it will temporarily turn the grass a bit yellow. However this will soon recover along with the pin holes from where we anchor the feet of the marquees.

Q: Do your marquees have guy ropes?

A: All our marquees are clear span aluminium frames therefore there no Gi Ropes are required for our structures.

Q: Can we hang items from the ceiling?

A: Yes. Even when the marquee lined, there are lots of fixing points that are accessible through the velcro seams in the marquee lining. It is also possible to hang items around the perimeter of the marquee.

Q: Can the marquee be connected to my house?

A: Yes. We do lots of marquees where clients wish to create a temporary extension onto their homes. In most cases we can butt our marquees right up to the building.

Q: Could a marquee damage cables or pipes running underneath the site?

A: We secure our marquees to the floor with long pins. The client MUST make us aware of any cables or pipeworks running underneath the ground in which the marquee is to be erected.

Q: Are there any hidden charges?

A: No. All costs will be itemised on the quotation.